Oolu has built one of the best distribution teams in all of Africa. We’ve attracted top management talent and provided hundreds of jobs in rural regions. Oolu prides itself on hiring over 90% West African staff.

Here’s a look at our executive team:

Nilmi Senaratna



Nilmi has spent the last 7 years working on development projects in sub-Saharan Africa. She has worked in the non-profit sector, CIDA and UNEP, where she implemented community-based health, energy, business, and poverty alleviation programs, worked on environment policy in Africa and contributed to two books on rural African poverty, respectively. She has lived and worked in rural and urban regions in India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Rwanda, the Gambia and Senegal and speaks English, French, Sinhalese, and basic Wolof. Ms. Senaratna has a BS and MS from Western University Canada and is a graduate of YCombinator.

Dan Rosa



Dan’s experience is in the fields of public policy and international development related to the energy sector. At the law firm of K&L Gates, he researched, wrote and covered congressional developments for energy sector clients. Before Oolu, he researched off-grid solar models in South Asia and West Africa and lived in a village in rural Senegal. Mr. Rosa speaks English and French. He graduated from American University with a BA in International Relations and is a graduate of YCombinator.

Vincenzo Capogna

Chief Technical Officer


Vincenzo is an electrical engineer and the former Manager of the Innovation Programme for SunnyMoney, the largest distributor of portable solar products in sub-Saharan Africa. He has started and led projects integrating mobile-money payments and mobile applications in solar PayG systems. Vincenzo has a Bachelor’s degree in Energy Engineering from University of Rome La Sapienza and a Master in Sustainable Energy Engineering and Entrepreneurship from KTH (Sweden) and UPC (Spain). Vincenzo has a combination of technical skills relating to solar product design and manufacture, and business development experience in Africa, having run trials in Mozambique, Tanzania, Malawi and Kenya. He speaks English, French and Italian.

Momar Ndiaye

Country Manager: Senegal


Momar Ndiaye is Oolu’s Senegal Country Manager. Former CFO of Postefinance (Senegal logistics company and commercial and residential financier), former DAF at Wari (largest mobile payment company in region), former DG-Adjoint at Pamecas (second largest MFI in Senegal, 700,000 clients including across rural regions). Momar has built two big companies in Senegal from the ground up (Postefinance and Wari) and turned around a third (Pamecas). Academic background in accounting, corporate finance, professional expertise is managing portfolio risk in the banking sector, designing models to scale nationally and internationally, and motivating big teams. Momar speaks English, French and Wolof.


Our Regional Management Team works to solve complex problems in one of the most challenging environments on the planet. The results are some of the best in the industry. Here we are:

Ousmane Maiga

Country Representative


Ousmane Maiga is Oolu’s Mali Country Manager. His academic and professional background is in finance and accounting and he has extensive experience in motivating big teams. Maiga has over 15 years of experience in rural regions in Mali working for some of the world’s largest distribution companies like Bramali, Coca Cola and British American Tobacco. He made his his mark in the solar industry through NOTs Impact Enterprises, the largest sellers of solar lights and home systems in the region. He speaks French, English, Bambara et Sonhai.

Marieme Ba

Sales and Marketing Director


Marieme Ba is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Oolu. Trained in the sector in France, she has over 6 years experience in a management role promoting some of the largest brands in West Africa. Beginning her career at Tigo Senegal (second largest telecom brand bought by WARI in 2017), moving to Harvas Media Senegal focusing on market penetration and expansion and finally as the lead sales and marketing manager for INASEN managing teams selling Jongue products (one of the largest brands in the region) in over 5 countries in West Africa.

Nicolas Missadji

Chief Accountant


Nicolas Missadji is the Chief Accountant at Oolu. Trained as Director of Administration and Finance, Professional Auditor, and Chief Accountant. Previously Chief Accountant at Novasen, former Director of Administration and Finance at AGIR Foundation for Education and Health, former Director of Administration and Finance at Forever Living Products Senegal. Knowledge of French and US accounting standards, managed large accounting teams in across different offices and 5 countries, has generated financial projections, created budgets, and done reporting on company activities for government, management, and investors.

Anneka Nelson

Director of Operations


Anneka Nelson is the Director of Operations at Oolu, where she oversees sales, client repayment and after-sales-service across Oolu’s field offices in Senegal. Prior to joining Oolu, Anneka served as a Kiva Fellow in Thies and Dakar, Senegal where she worked with local microfinance institutions to expand their ability to provide high-impact loans to the rural poor. Anneka also spent nearly four years as the Business Development Manager for a Portland, Oregon-based law firm. Anneka is fluent in French and graduated cum laude from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine.

Ousmane Gueye

Logistics Director


Ousmane Gueye is the Director of Logistics at Oolu. Trained as controller at school of management in Senegal. Worked as accountant at Senegalese Rural Electrification Agency (ASER), in logistics at Sonatel (largest telecom brand), managed team of 17 as logistics manager at Wari. Oversaw international expansion for logistics at Wari to Mali, Conakry, and other Francophone WA countries, experience dealing with port authorities and negotiating with transitaires (private port agents), controller studies allow him to perform cost-benefit analyses and think strategically about expansion, regional offices, and repairs.

Thebean Gilfillian

Finance Officer


Thebean Gilfillian is a Financial and Business Analyst at Oolu. Thebean began his career with HSBC working with SME financing and OTC Derivatives before moving to a London-based Merchant Bank where he advised technology sector startups and SME’s on Strategy, M&A and Corporate Finance. Previous to Oolu, Thebean led Advisory Services at a Senegalese family office and managed Finance and Business Development for portfolio companies. Thebean holds a MA (Hons) in Economics from The University of Edinburgh and has passed the first two levels of the Chartered Financial Analyst program.

Djibril Cisse

Customer Service Manager


Djibril Cisse is the Customer Service Manager at Oolu. With over 9 years experience at PCCI, the largest call centre in Senegal. Managed team of 17 customer service agents selling and managing portfolio for Canal+ across West Africa (one of largest satellite providers in region). Is leading our call centre to scale by implementing professional call center solutions, call center scripts. Focuses on generating results with positive reinforcement and goal setting vs. high pressure environments of other call centers.

Beatrice Teixeira

Director of Human Resources


Beatrice Teixeira is the Director of Human Resources at Oolu. Former HR Manager at SLAT (Senegalese logistics company), former top recruiter at PRAXIS (recruiting firm and temp agency). Bea hired much of the early Wari team in Senegal and revamped and hired Wari call center. Placed many candidates in management positions in top senegalese firms. Labor law is biggest complaint of foreign firms in Senegal, Bea knows law to the letter. Extremely high emotional intelligence, managed interpersonal relations among Dakar and regional offices. Strategic perspective to anticipate hires, built waitlists for every non-management position, optimized employee contract strategy.